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There is a lot to learn about before owning and caring for a Great Dane. Here are some key topics to consider, and don't forget if there is anything you are unsure about us, talk to us!


The Great Dane is by far not a standard dog.


Many people first fall in love with the size and personality of Great Danes and decide the breed is right for them.


Before you decide the Great Dane is the right breed for you, there are a few things you should consider...... read more


Every Great Dane as a puppy should be taken to Puppy and Obedience Classes. Your Great Dane is likely to have a social circle that includes many dogs smaller than it so play manners and good interactive skills are critical. Quite apart from the joys of safely walking your Dane down the street without being pulled along over or to another dog, it can be quite intimidating to people and smaller dogs to have a leaping, lunging or worse, growling giant breed. Training & socialisation is as valuable to owners as it is to the Dane. Responsible pet ownership is put to the test, so much more with a giant breed.

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"Gentle Giant" Great Danes have an amazing level of sensitivity, intelligence, and loyalty. They seem to have a sixth sense about their owners needs and wishes.


Often times, a facial expression is all that's needed to deter any misbehaviour from a Great Dane.

Great Danes have a remarkable knack for being resilient to children and their pranks. However, no dog should be expected to tolerate smacking, poking, pulling, etc. 

Due to their size a Dane may bump a child to the ground or clear a coffee table with one swoop of the tail!


Knowledge and understanding are important to the Great Dane Lovers committee. At least once each year the Committee intends to hold formal “Breed Information” events for members and other Great Dane Lovers with the aim to improve the general knowledge of our breed and improve the enjoyment of our Gentle Giants.  Combined with the Breed Information events we will be including breed information in our regular magazines.


For all their giant size, the Great Dane can actually be quite fragile and it is so important to be aware of inherent health problems in the breed and then be responsible in the care of your dog to give it the best chance of a healthy life for the too short time that you will have him or her. Some Great Danes may face one or more of the following issues in their lifetime...... read more


 Great Danes are active and fast growing pets there are many things that you should know about the care and development of Dane. Some helpful tips are...... read more 

A detailed reference guide can also be found here

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