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March 24 2020

Hello GDL Members

I did not expect to be writing to you again so soon, but the Coronavirus situation has changed again and what we had planned is no longer wise.

The GDL Committee is committed to following the advice of our Governments and Chief Medical officers and will act accordingly.

Some will not agree that our events and activities are non-essential, however prudence dictates we must adopt a conservative approach and protect ourselves from the virus.

What can you do?

Keep in touch with your GDL friends and look after each other through these uncertain times. Knowing that others care about us helps a great deal especially for those who are on their own; so pick up the mobile and make a call or send an email or text. It costs nothing and makes a big difference. If you would like to contact a member whose detail you need please contact me.

Watch the GDL Facebook and the website for updates about events and meetings.

Take care,

March 22 2020

Like the rest of the country and the world we need to consider the welfare of our members and the community. It is so easy to say we will cancel all events until June and wait to see what happens.

We do take this situation very seriously. We do not intend to cancel our events but postpone them. This may mean that when our Country is to recover from this very very serious situation we may have multiple events each month.

However, we can’t let our Danes sit at home and expect them to understand that there is a very serious Virus affecting our world!

Your committee will therefore encourage members to post minor gatherings between themselves to continue some activity within our club.

Let us not just hibernate, We of course encourage all members to contact other members to visit for play dates or see you down the park. Of course we must also abide by the social distancing rules and When meeting it be in small numbers.

Will your committee organise small group meetups? YES! But at this time we will limit these activities to a maximum of 10 People with their Danes. However this may change due to advice the government may provide in restrictions to social gathering amounts in the upcoming weeks.

We will start from the end of the month suggesting things to do with our Danes. Keep up to date via all of our social media for upcoming small walks and how to take part in them.

If any members are interested in contacting other members and need such details of these members please email:

For more information about us and who we are, please visit:

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget to give your Danes a cuddle from us!

Interested in a rescue? Feel free to ask more questions.​
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